Shifting Right Before Our Eyes

The historic move away from traditional print journalism toward a news environment existing solely within the digital is happening right before our eyes.  The ongoing demise of the printed news daily in the United States has been chronicled by the news media itself over the past several years.  Declining readership has lead to ever-decreasing advertising revenue (including retail ads, sales inserts, and classified ads), based largely on the movement of news and customers to the Internet.  National and international news outlets are strongly represented in on-line news sites; however, state and local news content is not adequately represented in that forum, and local news readership has not completely shifted to the Internet, leaving a large informational and participatory gap for ‘local’ issues to be reported, editorialized, commented upon, and debated.

This blog will attempt to provide a snapshot of the history of the local newspaper, as well as attempt to chronicle the recent developments in this move from traditional print journalism to digital journalism, with a specific emphasis on local and state media sources within Georgia (USA).  This blog, by no means, purports itself to be an exhaustive source for this history, but hopes to be a ‘discussion starter’ of this important issue.


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